Advance Auto Parts - Minimal Manly Man Music

I've had the pleasure of creating several pieces of music at the end of 2014 for Advance Auto Parts.  One piece was recently featured in a pre-game commercial for Super Bowl XLIX.  The spots feature black & white slow motion footage of tough petrol heads doing what they do best.  Not crashing... fixing stuff!  The visuals turned out great and I always enjoy working with the creative team at Mono.

All tracks were written, produced, and recorded in Studio-A1 in Singing Serpent, San Diego, CA by Brandon O'Connell.  Many thanks to the team at Mono, and crew at Singing Serpent.  

Vocals: Jordan Clark & Brandon O'Connell -- Stomps & Claps: Conor Meads & Brandon O'Connell -- All other instruments: Brandon O'Connell -- Agency: mono -- Producer: JMP/Bill Phelps Photography -- Director: Bill Phelps -- Music: Singing Serpent -- Post Production: Pixel Farm