The Story


After receiving a 4-track tape recorder in middle school, multi-instrumentalist Brandon O’Connell fell in love with the recording arts.  The young talent attended both private high school and college on music scholarships. After college, he began operating his own studio where he recorded local hardcore and metal bands such as Underminded, and grammy-nominated, As I Lay Dying.


Throughout his award winning career, Brandon has written, co-produced, and placed hundreds of original works in TV shows, TV commercials, films and other digital media, generating over $10M in revenue.  He continues to produce music with recording artists, straddling the fence between music composer and producer.  He excels at creating custom music for picture which feels like it “came off of an album”.  



  • Editor's Pick - AdAge's Creativity - 2017, for FCB West & Docker's spot "How to Get the Raise."
  • Editor's Pick - AdAge's Creativity - 2017, for Hill Holiday & Planet Fitness' spot "Puffy Baby Man."
  • Gold Lion - Internet Film - Viral Video from Cannes Intl' Film Festival 2014, for DDB NewYork & Nonprofit WATERisLIFE film "Kenya Bucket List."
  • Best Documentary Award from One Screen Film Festival 2014, for DDB NewYork & Nonprofit WATERisLIFE film "Kenya Bucket List."
  • Silver Award - Campaign of the Year from Ad Age 2013 for Mono & Target's The Everyday Collection.

Personal Life

Brandon resides in Southern California with his wife and 4 children and enjoys food, sarcastic comedy, listening to wide variety of musical genres, snowboarding, photography, beach bumming, hiking, jogging, mountain biking, firearms, real estate, children psychology, human psychology, commodities and equities trading, technical analysis, theology, listening to audio books and podcasts, and fast cars.